EIABCo.'s Classic Cinnamon Rolls

Just like Grandma used to make; if your Grandma had only had access to a full-size commercial oven and a couple hundred pounds of flour. Ours does, and she makes an awesome cinnamon roll.


Butter, flour, heavy cream and the best fruit we can get our hands on. Our scones are made every day in several different flavors and we'll always have more on the way.

German Kuchen

It's a dessert and a breakfast in one. It's our own take on the classic Germanic dessert using a different fruit each day. It goes great with a cup of coffee for breakfast or with a scoop of ice cream for dessert.

Oatmeal To-Go Muffins

Nothing says, "hearty breakfast" like a bowl of oatmeal. And now you can skip the bowl and eat it on the go. We pack a whole bowlful of oats into a muffin with dired fruit, cinnamon sugar or white chocolate trailmix for those who want to eat well on the quick.

Old-Fashioned Hand-Baked Cookies

Chocolate, Oatmeal, Sugar or otherwise. We know any good old-fashioned American loves their cookies, and we figure it's hard to go wrong with a cookie as big as a plate.

From Scratch Muffins

A truly good muffin is how we think a bakery should be judged. And we think ours are a pretty good measure of us. A new flavor or two each day, paired with our special homemade cinnamon muffin topping will get your morning off on a good foot.